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About our year results, or just - THANK YOU!

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Dear friends,

Just a few days left before the New Year, and today we would like to congratulate all of you on the upcoming holiday and heartily thank everyone who was with us in this bright and eventful year! Thanks to all who have been working with us and remain our true friends, and all those who have recently joined our vigorous and crazy-active hangout of mobile traffic benefit extractors:)

How was this year? You know not worse than ours! Nevertheless, we managed all the time to grow and expand. We increased volumes, implemented a lot of cool technological features, made friends with new partners - all this thanks to you! THANKS, guys, for your criticism, your ideas, your endless tickets to our support, your tricky questions and grandfatherly advices. Without you we couldn’t overtake ourselves every day and do these all:

  • Launch a new version of our website with tools for jewelry tuning of your advertising campaigns and unique analytics;
  • Implement new banners’ formats, including full-screen and sticker;
  • Masterly earn together with the most CPA-networks:,, Everad, Actionpay, 7Offers,,,,;
  • Squeeze the most out of impressions on a strong advertising platforms you'll ever need: uCoz &;
  • Jointly generate new ideas to improve conversions and sales, and continue to grow day after day.

This year was highly-charged, productive, bright, memorable - thanks to you!

THANK YOU again, stay with us, and Happy New Year!!!